Our Unique Fit – Front Room

Our Unique Fit

We promise:

Put our tops on and you’ll look slimmer and less boobalicious.

  • There won’t be any pulling or gaping. 
  • There is no bra strap/side exposure.
  • The neckline won’t show cleavage, even when you lean over to ink the deal.
  • The seams won’t cut your bustline in half.
  • The fabric skims over your curves without clinging.
  • The item feels really good to the touch.
  • We’ll take it back if you’re not happy.

You’ll feel more confident.
You’ll stand tall, knowing people are noticing the whole package (not just staring at your cleavage).

How do we pull that off?

  • Specific geometry for full busts / large cup sizes (30DD-40JJ).
  • Attention to detail to ensure bra and strap coverage, while avoiding gaping, pulling and see-through.
  • A generous yet tailored fit: tight enough to show your shape, loose enough to keep it classy.
  • Attention to body shape for each style. All shapes can have big boobs, not just the hourglass figure.  


We'll need a few measurements to find your Front Room fit. Not too tight, just a quick measure will do.

Find your fullest measurement on the table below and match it to your size.  The key to fit is buying for your largest measurement.  For some of us it is our mid-section, for others our bust or hips.  Doesn't matter what it is - you're perfect just how you are!

Our sizing is generous so don't be surprised if you're ordering a smaller size than you're used to.  XS is about a US 4 and XL is about a US 16-18.

In fact, we regularly hear from customers who are thrilled to have something that fits them!  Those too busty for "regular" sizes and too small for "plus" sizes are especially thrilled to have found their fit at Front Room (like Hourglassy's "Patsy" who says:

"If, like me, you are at or slightly above the largest sizes offered by most full-bust clothing manufacturers, give them [Front Room] a look. In a 40H bra, the XL fits me nicely, even generously, there is definitely room for a larger bust and
I could even size down."

 Read more here)

size chart

Want help choosing your size?  Talk to our full-busted Fairy Godmother at helpme@morefrontroom.com She'll ask what size you wear in your favorite brands and help you translate to sizing with Front Room.  


Will it really fit?
We design for a full bust.  Our fit is pretty much the same as typical tops or dresses from the department store but we've added more Front Room for the girls.

We use fabrics with stretch so if you're a mere DD, our styles will drape over your curves.  If you're fuller-busted (UK J+), our styles will skim your curves without clinging.

One fit for every cup size?  Really??

Front Room offers a simplified sizing with one fit for every cup size.  If you're used to buying at other brands, this may seem hard to believe.

Not only was I sized out at one major brand (their "super-curvy" didn't fit me) but I found that by making our tops to fit me (I'm a 30JJ/K and typically wear size small in Front Room), they fit really well on a surprising range of bust sizes from 30DDs to 40H's and beyond.

I accomplished this by selecting fabrics that draped really well, paying attention to body geometry and seams, then testing on multiple cup sizes and body shapes.  

It worked!  Is it flawless?  Nope. (but neither is the complicated size + bust projection sizing found elsewhere)  

Is this a plus-size line?

We have some plus-size crossover (can nobody come up with a better term than "plus"??) because so many of us have to size up to accommodate our boobage.  So someone wearing size 18 to 20 with big boobs may be able to size down and wear our XL, especially straight and hourglass shapes.  The key to fit is selecting the size that works for the largest feature of your body.

Will it fit my body shape?
We provide fit notes specific to body shape with each style.

We hope you're ready to get reacquainted with your waistline: you're going to look taller and thinner, instantly. (Most commonly heard from the changerooms: OMG! I have a waist!!)

Will I still need to get it altered?
Probably not.  Consider though: the reason the gents (and Hollywood stars) always look so good is that their clothes are tailored to their precise measurements.

We’re firm believers in the power of a good seamstress to make clothes look their best on your body. (You’d be surprised at the difference a quarter inch makes in strategic places to take a garment from good to great!)

We've strategically placed our seams to ensure a seamstress can perfect to your body, should you choose a nip and tuck for a truly made-for-you look.  No side zips for the same reason. Again, entirely your choice.

Our philosophy is that you can only get a hair cut, not a hair long. Meaning it is MUCH easier to nip in a seam at the bust than to try to make room where there isn't any by letting seams out, or remove extra room from everywhere else with darts.